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  • Angle sensor module

    The angular sensor module series is an integrated module of a digital gyroscope and an accelerometer for measuring angular velocity.
    It can measure pitch Angle and roll Angle under dynamic condition.It is a high - precision, independent - operating equipment made of a digital control unit and a variety of sensors.
    The module uses adaptive step-down kalman filter to reduce the error caused by the sensor's own material and fabrication process (i.e. bias drift, zero drift, random drift and other non-linear errors), so it has very precise and stable pitch Angle and roll Angle.The startup time is less than 500 milliseconds, it does not require further calibration, and the pitching Angle and roll Angle data can be retrieved directly through the serial port on the products in use.
    The Atmems Angle sensor module series is the best solution to provide low-cost, high-precision and real-time Angle measurement, including the navigation module AMA313 for measuring dynamic course Angle and the Angle module AMA424 for measuring dynamic and static inclination Angle.
  • Angle module AMA424
  • navigation module AMA313
  • Robot navigation

    The navigation module is used in walking scene robots, such as sweeping robot, AGV car, etc. The navigation module provides the directional Angle for the robot, coordinates with the SLAM algorithm and laser or camera, and provides the robot accurate walking path navigation.

    Industrial equipment Angle detection

    Angle sensor is a kind of special measuring Angle of the tilt sensor, and be able to measure the large machinery, such as the bending Angle of tower crane work arm, compared with normal bending Angle to realize the real-time monitoring of working arm, makes work more stable and reliable, and can transmit the boom tilt data directly to the control room and displayed, operator according to the actual tendency for real-time adjustment, improve the work efficiency.

    Electric (booster) vehicle

    The Angle module is used in the electric moped to provide real-time monitoring of the Angle when going up and down the slope, and assist when going up the slope to improve the user experience. /div>
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