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  • Hydraulic pressure sensor module

    Hydrostatic testing module is a high reliability of ceramic capacitance pressure sensor, has the excellent properties of corrosion resistance, high impact elasticity, and water, oil, gas and so on most direct contact with the medium, able to handle the water hammer effect, perfect ceramic high thermal stability at the same time Can make it work temperature range - 40 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, ceramic capacitance pressure sensor work no liquid in the process of transmission, direct effect on the ceramic membrane process pressure, base between the electrode and membrane electrode capacitance change is proportional to the pressure value.When overloading, the diaphragm will not be damaged, and when the pressure returns to normal, the performance will not change.It thoroughly solves the problem of poor overload capacity at low range, and is the updated product of diffused silicon pressure sensor.At the same time, the power consumption is smaller, specially designed for the Internet of things, which can work continuously for 10 years without replacing the battery.
  • Product number AMP333
  • Indoor fire pressure detection

    Indoor fire facilities mainly exist in the sprinkler system, indoor fire hydrants, fire guns, fire pool and fire pump room monitoring.The end test of fire pipe network is the most effective method for testing the running status of indoor fire protection facilities at present.Sensors are used to detect the pressure of water supply, the water level of the reservoir is too low or the pressure is abnormal.

    Wireless pressure detection of fire hydrants

    With the in-depth of IoT applications, wireless monitoring become the fire control facilities monitoring of choice, through field sensor, with the help of the Internet, will fire control facilities monitoring data upload data platform, realize the fire line pressure, fire hydrant, a series of parameters of remote monitoring and alarm, guarantee the normal operation of the fire control facilities.
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