• Sensor Module
  • Vibration sensor module
  • Angle sensor module
  • Hydraulic pressure sensor module
  • Temperature sensor module
  • Temperature and humidity sensor module
  • Wafer foundry ODM
  • Temperature sensor module(digital NTC)

    AMT311 is a high precision dual pin digital output temperature sensor.AMT311 has the characteristics of pulse counting digital output and high accuracy in the wide temperature range, which can be directly connected with MCU to guarantee the measurement accuracy and reduce the overhead.AMT311 device in - 50 ° C to 150 ° C temperature range to support the maximum precision of + / - 0.5 ° C, at the same time has a very high resolution (0.0625 ° C), without the calibration system or hardware and software compensation.The pulse counting digital interface is designed to connect directly to GPIO or comparator inputs, thus simplifying hardware implementation.It can be encapsulated into a common two-line temperature probe structure.
  • Temperature sensor module AMT311
  • Home appliance field

    The temperature and humidity sensor series is widely used in the temperature and humidity control of household appliances (such as refrigerators and air conditioners). Through precise temperature and humidity parameter feedback, the intellectualization of household appliances can be achieved and user experience can be improved.

    Cold chain logistics

    The temperature and humidity sensor series can carry out real-time monitoring, temperature perception and data collection in the background of various links such as food and medicine in storage, transportation, distribution and sales in cold chain logistics, so as to guarantee the whole-process monitoring of goods from factory to consumer and improve efficiency and quality.

    IoT environmental monitoring

    In the environment of Internet of things, temperature and humidity are indispensable data sources for scenarios such as agricultural Internet of things and intelligent transportation. Through lora and NB-IoT transmission methods, they are applicable to any environmental monitoring scenario.
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