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  • Vibration sensor module
  • Angle sensor module
  • Hydraulic pressure sensor module
  • Temperature sensor module
  • Temperature and humidity sensor module
  • Wafer foundry ODM
  • Sensor Module

    The vibration sensor module can be used for fault diagnosis, environmental control and rating of the machine or structure by monitoring the vibration of the machine or structure under the working state in various vibratory environments. The dynamic performance of the measured object, such as natural frequency, damping, response, and mode, can be obtained by measuring the degree of forced vibration of the machine or structure, and weak links can be found. The anti-vibration ability can be improved by improving the design, or the working environment and performance of the machine can be improved by vibration isolation.
    The vibration sensor module provides full duplex serial port and I2C communication protocol, based on the custom protocol, supporting command and data reporting . The built-in interrupt function can trigger the response in a timely manner according to the configuration of the parameter.
    There are three indicators to measure vibration behavior: vibration displacement, vibration velocity and vibration acceleration.Under different vibration frequencies, there is a certain difference among the three indexes. The main differences are as follows:
    1. The applicable frequency range of vibration displacement is 0-15hz
    2. The applicable frequency range of vibration velocity is 15-50 hz
    3. The applicable frequency range of vibration acceleration is above 30HZ
    Atman vibration displacement sensor module according to set vibration frequency, output the corresponding optimal index.
  • Vibration amplitude sensor module AMV323
  • Vibration displacement sensor module AMV424
  • Balance detection of appliances

    In the working process of household appliances such as washing machine and soybean milk machine, vibration will inevitably occur, but abnormal vibration often indicates abnormal work and noise. By vibration detection, vibration amplitude, displacement and motor state of household appliances are adjusted.

    Vibration detection of industrial equipment

    It is applied to the monitoring of large industrial equipment and keeps paying attention to the working status of key parts. It can effectively detect the faults of rotating machinery and is widely used in power, metallurgy, petroleum and other industries.The full series also supports both Lora and NB-IoT extensions.

    Industrial IoT

    Under the environment of industry 4.0, to improve the efficiency of the factory, big data monitoring USES vibration sensors to monitor the working status of each machine, etc., and carries out real-time monitoring of the machine through network nodes and vibration point monitoring in the Internet of things.
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